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New task force to reform bankruptcy procedures

Along with people from all over the country, Memphis residents continue to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, the procedure for filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be quite complicated, but both the federal courts (that administer the country's bankruptcy system) and Congress frequently attempt to work on streamlining the system to make it more uniform across the nation.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can benefit people from all walks of life

All over the country and right here in Memphis, people struggling with debt continue to file for personal bankruptcy. While filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a difficult and personal process for people, it can also provide a much-needed way out from overwhelming debt.

Dismissed Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives creditors options

A federal bankruptcy court serving Memphis, Tennessee, has dismissed the bankruptcy case of an investor who had sought to develop an entertainment venue. Before filing for Chapter 13 last February, the business owner had apparently fallen behind in her payments to several contractors whom she had retained for her construction project.

Finding information for Chapter 13 filing

All over the country and right here in Memphis, Tennessee, Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are difficult for people to complete. There is a substantial amount of paperwork required for the filing, often paperwork that the debtor may not be able to find.

Using Chapter 13 in Memphis to prevent blight

With the continuing housing market problems in Memphis, a lot of homes and businesses have gone vacant. This can create blight in a neighborhood, leading to an increase in crime and lower housing prices. To avoid losing houses individuals and their neighbors could turn to Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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