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$20 million verdict can't keep couple from filing Chapter 7

For many people, winning a lawsuit with a large monetary verdict is the answer to their prayer. While they have likely faced adversity to be in a position to win a case against a party that had seriously wronged them, the windfall from receiving payouts for damages might help to soften the blow at least somewhat.

FTC offering financial incentive for stopping unwanted calls

Many people in Memphis, Tennessee, who are struggling with debts often find that a large percentage of that amount is due to credit card debt. Many times, these debt amounts are accentuated by charges that were not authorized by consumers: add-ons to accounts such as identity-theft protection, for example, that people do not realize they have been paying for.

Using Chapter 13 in Memphis to prevent blight

With the continuing housing market problems in Memphis, a lot of homes and businesses have gone vacant. This can create blight in a neighborhood, leading to an increase in crime and lower housing prices. To avoid losing houses individuals and their neighbors could turn to Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

World Wrestling Entertainment CEO repays bankruptcy debts

In this corner, the CEO of the extremely popular World Wrestling Entertainment. And in this corner, 26 creditors owed about $1 million from the CEO's 1976 bankruptcy. It sounds like a heavyweight legal battle may be brewing, but wait. The Big Boss is throwing in the towel. Linda McMahon says she will make good on those 36 year-old debts after being confronted about them by a New London, Connecticut newspaper last month.

Don't view bankruptcy as an end, but a beginning

One of the tidbits of advice we hear a lot is the importance of living in the moment. That's good advice for the most part as a means for finding joy in life. But there are times in the lives of Memphis folks when things look pretty bleak in "the moment."

Memphis mired in credit card debt as rest of U.S. improves

Debt is a common problem plaguing Memphis, as well as the rest of the United States. Many people are facing growing financial problems, often caused by credit card debt.

Memphis homeowners returning to rewarding but risky equity loans

In 2008 the housing market bubble collapsed. Homeowners who borrowed against their homes lost equity and owed more money than the homes were worth. As a result, they faced the possibility of foreclosure and repossession.

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