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Credit card debt may cause Memphis residents to skip medical care

Mounting credit card debt is an issue that plagues many Americans, including residents of Tennessee. Credit cards have often been a tool used to help those struggling financially pay for the expenses gradually. Recent economic hardships have caused many more Americans to turn to credit cards in order to pay for their expenses. However, this helpful tool can quickly become a source of stress if payments cannot be made quickly enough to eliminate the credit card debt.

Credit card debt relief scams can hinder Tennessee residents

As many Tennessee residents can attest, credit card debt can create an overwhelming burden on the lives of those under its strain. Many people find themselves avoiding possibly necessary expenses, such as medical care, in order to focus their money on decreasing their debt. Unable to take the stress of their debt any longer, those with significant credit card debt often turn to debt management programs that offer quick and easy solutions. Unfortunately, not all of these programs can provide the services they claim.

Mounting debt amid Tennessee's economic recovery

'The times, they are a changin',' says a line from the classic Bob Dylan song. How fast they change and in what direction is still a matter of conjecture. Recent media reports advise that the country is in the process of an economic recovery that began late in 2012. It seems, however, that the process has slowed in Tennessee. Those who are awaiting an upward swing in the Tennessee economy are hopeful, but still have to deal with the mounting debt caused by stalled hiring and now by labor cuts required by the government's sequestration policy.

How Chapter 7 will affect one's credit report

For Tennessee consumers considering filing for personal bankruptcy, the aftermath of the process is often a mystery. One issue that is often misunderstood is the changes that will be made to one's credit reports. After a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, many of the accounts currently listed within the credit reports created by the three main credit bureaus will change. Understanding those changes can help consumers determine the best time to file.

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