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Filing for bankruptcy offers fresh start for consumers

Tennessee continues to have one of the highest personal bankruptcy rates in the country. Personal bankruptcy often carries a stigma but filing for bankruptcy can help individuals who are drowning in debt.

Foreclosures can impact homeowners' mental health

The foreclosure rate has declined in the U.S. during the last few months but for homeowners still facing foreclosure, the nightmare may be just beginning. A new study found that foreclosures can cause distress for many homeowners, threatening their mental health during and after foreclosure.

Debt collectors still going after expired credit card debt

Many Americans racked up significant amounts of credit card debt during the recession and even years before then. While many have slowly been able to pay down their credit card debt, many people are still struggling with unpaid debt.

Tennessee borrowers beware of debt relief telemarketers

Tennessee readers who have been faced with overwhelming debt know how hard it can be to find a solution. People who have struggled with significant debt are familiar with the repeated calls, not only from creditors but from companies offering debt relief or consolidation. In some cases, predatory debt relief companies initially promise free or low-cost assistance, but eventually charge the borrower over $1,000, making their financial situation even worse and offering little or no help.

Older Americans carrying significant debt into retirement

A recent report from the public policy institute at the AARP found higher credit card balances for Americans over the age of 50 than those under 50. In fact, Americans who are over 50 years old carry an average balance of more than $8,000.

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