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Harassing debt collection calls an issue, Chapter 13 could help

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in place to field complaints from consumers and determine ways in which make their financial experiences better. However, those Tennessee residents who are plagued by considerable debt may not yet be protected from harassing phone calls and misinformation presented by collection companies. While the bureau is looking to implement new regulations in those areas, some consumers may wish to explore other options such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the meantime.

Medical debt burdens Tennessee residents, Chapter 7 could help

Crippling debt can cause a list of health issues due to the stress that accompanies it. As a result, medical attention could possibly be needed in order to treat heart conditions, high blood pressure or other negative health issues. However, many people in debt may not be able to afford such treatment due to finding themselves burdened further with medical debt. Luckily, options such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be helpful avenues to explore.

Misunderstanding of credit card debt could harm Tennessee debtors

When a young adult first moves away from their parents and begins to make serious decisions on their own, those decisions are sometimes not always made with the consequences in mind. As a result, many young Tennessee residents could find themselves facing credit card debt due to not fully understanding what using the cards entails. In recent years, policies have been put into place to help young adults not fall victim to credit card offers by having to provide proof of income if under the age of 21.

Mounting debt could affect Tennessee residents' retirement funds

Saving for retirement is a beneficial step that many Tennessee residents take to prepare for later in life. However, many individuals may not feel that they have extra income to put away for future use. Mounting debt and other financial issues can often contribute to this feeling, and statistics have indicated that this is a continuing problem.

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