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Shelby County Bankruptcy Court Attorney Ben Sissman Protects Creditors’ Rights

Are you a Tennessee creditor whose customers have owed money to your company for months or even years?

I’m Ben Sissman — for more than 30 years, a skilled creditor’s advocate in Memphis and Shelby County who can handle the legal side of your debt collection efforts. As your lawyer, I apply my decades of experience, attentive personal service and a reputation for results to the solutions you need.

I can help you enforce your rights and collect on a debt if the debtor has filed for bankruptcy. To schedule a free initial consultation at my office, call toll free to 901-730-4958 from wherever you are in greater Memphis or contact me online today. I usually answer my own phone and I look forward to discussing your concerns with you.

Secured creditors need the power of skilled lawyers behind them. Landlords, banks and businesses should hire an attorney anytime a bankruptcy action or automatic stay is filed against them. Most secured debts are not dischargeable. In some cases, you may be able to object to the discharge, especially if the debtor attempts to behave dishonestly. A lawyer can help make sure you don’t lose money unnecessarily.

It isn’t always worth it for creditors to hire an attorney to represent them in bankruptcy court. Sometimes, the amount of money involved is too small. Sometimes, there just isn’t much that an attorney can do. If I don’t think it would be worth it for you to retain my services, I will tell you. And since I offer free initial consultations, there is no risk involved for you to find out.

Memphis Attorney For Creditors’ Rights — Call Today, Toll Free

I have the experience to know what needs to be done, and how to do it. To schedule your free initial consultation, call my office today from wherever you are in greater Memphis — 901-730-4958, toll free. I give prompt attention to your email or message that comes in after business hours.