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Credit card debt can burden Tennessee college students

When in college, a Tennessee student may be more worried about classes, grades and social life than their credit score. However, many college students apply for credit cards while in college, and if attention is not paid to how that card balance is being handled, a considerable debt issue could arise. While students should not necessarily avoid opening accounts altogether, avoiding mistakes can help with credit card debt.

Tennessee residents could be at risk for property repossession

When overall consumer debt increases in Tennessee and across the country, financially savvy parties may believe that points to consumers feeling more confident about their income and spending habits. However, confidence could at times lead to too much spending and result in individuals becoming overwhelmed with their debt. As a result, they could end up facing property repossession or foreclosure.

Financial issues could lead to Chapter 13 in Tennessee

Many Tennessee residents may have a difficult time managing their finances. While this problem is not uncommon, it can be a very detrimental issue that can affect a person's livelihood. Financial issues can lead to considerable debt and other money problems, and significant steps such as filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be needed.

Medical debt may cause Tennessee residents to consider bankruptcy

Staying in good health is a goal of many Tennessee residents, but unfortunately, unexpected illnesses or injuries can strike at any moment. If a person has not prepared for such a situation, healthcare expenses can quickly accumulate. As a result, an individual may be facing significant medical debt and may turn to bankruptcy as a way to deal with such debt.

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