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November 2012 Archives

Tennessee mortgage debt continues to decline

According to a recent statement by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, household debt in Tennessee and nationwide continues to be on the decline. In the third quarter of this year, declining mortgage balances outpaced rising student and auto loans.

Recession spells financial challenges, profit in Memphis

As the residents Tennessee probably know, the ongoing Great Recession has left many people holding the bag on homes that they could not afford. So-called "subprime" lending put many people in Memphis in homes when they may have not been able to own home previously. The problem was that they simply could not afford the payments, and, as some suspect, their creditors knew it.

Dismissed Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives creditors options

A federal bankruptcy court serving Memphis, Tennessee, has dismissed the bankruptcy case of an investor who had sought to develop an entertainment venue. Before filing for Chapter 13 last February, the business owner had apparently fallen behind in her payments to several contractors whom she had retained for her construction project.

Colleges should help with debt management

With more and more students going to college and more and more students taking out loans, students are struggling with debt management. With more students struggling with debt management, many believe that schools should take a more active role.

Finding information for Chapter 13 filing

All over the country and right here in Memphis, Tennessee, Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are difficult for people to complete. There is a substantial amount of paperwork required for the filing, often paperwork that the debtor may not be able to find.

More student loans increase consumer credit

Often, the news about student loans and debt management involves talking about the negatives of student loan debt. Memphis residents may be interested in a new study that has revealed that the growing number of student loans does have an upside, despite any concerns over future debt relief.

Parents shouldering more and more student loan debt

Many residents of Tennessee are struggling with college debt and the debt management issues that result - but they are not alone. More and more, students' parents and grandparents are also feeling the strain of student loan debt, often having to seek debt relief for themselves for their part of the $1 trillion in student debt now owed across the country.

Fighting back against unethical collections tactics

All across the country people deal with accounts going into collections. Asset forfeiture affects everyone, even musicians, many of whom have strong ties to the industry right here in Memphis. Recently, however, one legendary musician decided to fight back against an overzealous debt collector.

New company helps students manage debt

Students all around the country and right here in Memphis, Tennessee face growing student debt. Many students are concerned about debt management after they graduate from college. As more and more students graduate with debt, more and more organizations are coming out to try to help students.

New program helps avoid losing house in Chapter 13

People all over the country, and right here in Memphis, Tennessee are struggling to pay all the debts they owe. People are often afraid to seek Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection for fear of being forced out of their house.

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