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Is it time for you to file for bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Chapter 13, Chapter 7

Tennessee residents like you who are struggling with debt may also be considering filing for bankruptcy. Today, Ben Sissman, Attorney at Law, will discuss the potential signs that it might be time for you to file.

In many cases, deciding whether or not to file for bankruptcy is a balancing act. Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Will a certain type of bankruptcy give you relief from the problems you are currently facing? It is important to go into bankruptcy understanding how it can impact you in the current day and in the future.

Bankruptcy will often stick around on your record for some time. Because of this, you may find yourself dealing with higher interest rates, among other issues. However, filing for bankruptcy can help you do things like:

  • Discharge unsecured debts
  • Stop creditors from harassing you
  • Get a clean start on your finances
  • Combat debt that seems insurmountable or that you have been struggling with for years

If you feel as though you are unable to get back on top of your debts no matter how much you try, this is the surest sign that bankruptcy may be your best bet.

Different types of bankruptcy also offer different benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to look into each option carefully before deciding if bankruptcy is or isn’t going to work for your particular situation.

If you are considering your bankruptcy options, you may also want to give our web page on bankruptcy a look. You can view more options and take a look at how situations are affected.