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Bankruptcy And Creditor Harassment

When people come to me, Tennessee lawyer Ben Sissman, for help filing bankruptcy, they are often concerned about credit repair. As part of the personal service I offer, I take the time to educate clients about steps they can take to repair credit post-bankruptcy.

What You Can Do To Make Sure Your Credit Score Rebounds

The bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for years. No attorney can change that. However, that does not mean you will not be eligible for credit. In fact, many people are surprised by just how fast they get credit card offers and other offers for credit. The key is to make certain that you are diligent in paying your bills. Avoid late payments at all costs.

Filing bankruptcy is not a black mark. Some creditors even see it as what it is: an indication that you are getting your finances in order and that you will be able to pay your bills.

The Power Of The Down Payment

If you walk in the door with a 20 percent down payment, it will not matter how many bankruptcies you have on your credit report or how recently they were filed. You will be able to get credit, because the creditor will see that you are serious about making payments. Of course, the down payment does not need to be 20 percent. The point is showing the creditor that you are able to save and pay, which means less risk for the creditor.

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