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Helping You Determine The Right Options For Your Loan Modification

Perhaps you are considering loan modification as a method of getting back on track with your house payments and avoiding foreclosure. If you have not discovered this already, you may find that working with the mortgage company is no easy task.

The reality is that there is nothing in your loan documents that requires the mortgage company to consider modification. It is purely an extracontractual matter, and there is little incentive for the company to agree to it. If you do find someone at the company to agree to it, you will almost always find yourself in a time-consuming and stressful back-and-forth. You will send documents and wait. Those documents will get lost. You will send them again. Then the mortgage company will say the documents didn’t arrive on time. This will go on and on, whether or not you have a lawyer on your side to help you.

Wouldn’t You Prefer An Immediate Solution?

I am Memphis loan modification attorney Ben Sissman. With more than 30 years of experience on my side, I can arm you with important facts that you should know about a loan modification. In most cases, a more immediate foreclosure defense solution makes sense. By filing bankruptcy, you will not only ensure that you can stay in your home, but you will eliminate all other debt and regain control of your financial future.

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