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Debt Relief Options Besides Bankruptcy

If you have failed to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and a Chapter 13 approach isn’t right for you, you should consider
alternatives to bankruptcy that could get the debt relief results you need.

I am experienced Memphis, Tennessee, bankruptcy lawyer Ben Sissman. I can show you how to reduce debt, rebuild your credit and reclaim your life without resorting to a bankruptcy filing, if Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 strategies don’t fit your specific goals.

Bankruptcy is not for everyone. If you are considering exploring alternatives to bankruptcy, it can be helpful to talk to an experienced lawyer who can advise you of all available options and help you find a way to financial freedom. I have helped individuals and families in Shelby County and surrounding areas for
more than 30 years.

Are you a victim of our national recession, jobless and buried in a mountain of credit card or medical debt? I can pursue an alternative to bankruptcy protection and work with you throughout the legal process to smoothly execute it.

Many people attempt to work their way out of debt by using heavily advertised “debt consolidation” services. In many cases, these services do not work. You may find that after paying fees to a debt consolidation company, you are no closer to getting out of debt. You have only shifted your debt to another creditor.

If you have significant unsecured debt, I can try to negotiate with your lender to adjust your interest rate or attempt to settle the entire amount for a fraction of the total owed. There are a number of other possible solutions to your problems, tailored to your specific needs. I can discuss your issues and remedies for them during your free initial consultation.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.