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Post-Retirement Bankruptcy Assistance

After retirement, many elderly people find themselves struggling to cover the costs of living and keep up with old debts. They stretch their retirement income as far as possible and find they do not have anything left for themselves. I am here to help. I am Ben Sissman, a Memphis attorney handling bankruptcy for the elderly for more than 30 years.

Helping Tennessee Senior Citizens Regain Peace Of Mind

Later years are to be enjoyed. Time is to be spent with grandchildren, traveling and enjoying hobbies that there was no time for when you were working. Now is not the time to lose sleep over past-due bills. Now is not the time to worry about picking up the phone for fear that there is a harassing creditor on the other end. By filing bankruptcy, you can gain the ability to live within your means by getting rid of debt that you simply cannot afford to pay off.

You Have Options

I will take great care to educate you about how bankruptcy will work in your situation. You may be getting payments from a 401(k), an IRA, or another retirement account or from a pension plan. Perhaps you are benefiting from Social Security payments. How are these types of income dealt with in bankruptcy? You have options. I will explain exactly how the process will work for you and what your future will look like when you are free of debt.

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