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The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline Of Key Events

One of the major drawing points of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as opposed to a Chapter 13, is that it is completed much more quickly. From the time of your initial consultation with an attorney until the completion of your Chapter 7 discharge may be just a few months. In contrast, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy normally takes three to five years to complete.

The sooner you get started with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the sooner you can receive your discharge — and start to rebuild your credit. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy timeline is likely to look something like this:

  • Day one: Consult with an attorney. Ben Sissman, Attorney at Law, offers initial consultations at no charge, and with no obligation. I do ask that my potential clients bring documentation of all debts, income and assets to an initial consultation.
  • After your initial consultation but before your next one, you will need to complete credit counseling as required by law. This can be completed online or by phone. It is not expensive and doesn’t take long.
  • The next time we meet, you will review and prepare to sign your bankruptcy petition.
  • About 30 to 45 days after your bankruptcy filing, we will meet again as you attend your 341 creditors’ meeting.
  • Once you have your bankruptcy case number, but before you receive your debt discharge, you are required to take a predischarge debtor education course. This is also known as a personal financial management course or a post-​​filing debtor education course. It is also inexpensive and can also be done online or by phone.
  • Approximately 60 days after your 341 creditors’ meeting, you will receive notification of your debt discharge if all goes well, as is usually the case.

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