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Get Credit Card Companies Off Your Back

If you are like most people in trouble with credit card debt, you probably don’t even know how it happened. You pay off some of the total due every month, only occasionally having to juggle a bill to make ends meet. Suddenly, the $300 in charges becomes $400 in interest and late fees. Now you have moved to paying the minimum amount due and the credit card companies have you exactly where they want you.

You Are Not Alone: The Deck Is Stacked Against Ever Getting It Paid Off

Has your credit card debt grown so massive that you can never hope to pay it off with your current income? Did you know that bankruptcy easily eliminates this type of unsecured debt? It’s true. Bankruptcy provides a clear path to a debt-free future. I can guide you down that path. I am Memphis credit card debt lawyer Ben Sissman.

There Is No Room For Judgment In My Law Office

Perhaps you made a mistake. Perhaps you used your credit card poorly and now, thanks in part to bloated interest rates and ridiculous late fees, you are paying the price. You need the help of a compassionate, reliable attorney who doesn’t judge you; someone who can guide you back to sound financial footing; someone who genuinely cares about your future; someone who can tell you with complete confidence, “You are going to be OK.”

That is what I am here for. Of course, I understand that not all credit card debt is the result of poor spending habits. I have provided debt relief services to many people throughout Tennessee who have amassed credit card debt after losing a job or going through a divorce. They saw the use of credit cards as a temporary measure. Unfortunately, it had lasting consequences. Now it is time to eliminate credit card debt and move forward.

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