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Beware The Dangers Of Payday Loans

Most people who take advantage of payday loan opportunities realize at the time that it is a risky and problematic form of money management. These types of loans not only come with high-interest rates, but the need for quick cash may be a warning sign that bankruptcy is around the corner as well. If you suspect that you cannot get a handle on your unmanageable debt by getting yet another loan, you are probably right. The time has come to talk turkey with a bankruptcy attorney who understands and can advise you accordingly.

I am Ben Sissman, a Memphis lawyer who has extensive experience helping people get the debt relief they need from payday loans, bank overdraft fees and other forms of debt. To learn more about how I may be able to help you, contact me online, or call 901-730-4958 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Have you fallen victim to a payday loan scam? If you are being targeted by a con artist, harassed for the money you do not owe or have experienced other problems due to possible scams, seek help now.

Get Relief From Payday Loan Debt Collectors

People often justify taking a payday loan to help them meet their immediate needs such as getting tires for the car, gas to reach your next moneymaking opportunity or payment for medical treatments. This type of desperation is understandable, especially when you are struggling with unmanageable debt. You may simply find it impossible to keep up with monthly expenses, much less cope with emergencies or have enough cash to set aside for the future.

The good news is that by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, you will put an immediate stop to the activities of debt collectors. Many people have the mistaken belief that payday loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. This is simply not true. A provision known as an automatic stay will take effect as soon as you file for bankruptcy, which puts a stop to creditor harassment and other collection actions. Once your bankruptcy has been approved and has run its course, your past-due payday loans may be wiped out altogether.

Repeated Bounced Checks May Be A Sign That Bankruptcy Is Your Best Option

Another issue that faces cash-strapped account holders is writing checks the day before payday and praying that your paycheck will be deposited in time. This is far from a foolproof plan, and if your account has a negative balance, you will be slapped with severe overdraft fees, which will only worsen your financial situation. However, unpaid overdraft fees are also dischargeable through bankruptcy in the right circumstances.

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Don’t worry yet about how you will pay for bankruptcy help if it is your best option. Talk to me to learn how other debtors in Tennessee have found their way to a fresh financial start. Contact me online, or call 901-730-4958 for a free initial consultation.

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