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The Most Common Signs Of Financial Trouble

No one plans to fail. Most people who are candidates for bankruptcy spend months or even years trying hard to avoid it. Sooner or later, however, someone who should seriously consider filing bankruptcy will be confronted with telltale signs that this is the best path forward.

Time and again, my clients at Ben Sissman, Attorney at Law, say, “I wish I had come to consult with you earlier!” They often realize how much time and money they have lost while spinning their wheels in futile attempts to avoid bankruptcy. Once they arrive at the point of a final debt discharge and the conclusion of bankruptcy, they understand the true meaning of “debt relief.”

Do any of the following sound familiar? If so, these early warning signs may end up being the motivators you need to schedule a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable Tennessee bankruptcy attorney.

  • Have you been taking large cash advances on credit cards?
  • Have you been using one credit card to pay another?
  • Have you been considering digging into your retirement accounts — or have you already done so — even though you know this will mean extra taxes and penalties, and perhaps trouble in your old age?
  • Have you found yourself driving around — or surfing on the internet — in search of payday loan companies? You may hold out hope that yet another one will agree to provide you cash that you need to cover the basics while you scramble to stay up to date with your mortgage or car payments.
  • Are you struggling with bothersome and even frightening debt collection efforts: menacing, aggressive and threatening phone calls, letters and more?
  • Have you begun tossing your loan payment invoice envelopes in a corner unopened, frustrated because you know you cannot begin to pay them on time?
  • Have your debt problems begun to affect your health and family or social life, wreaking havoc on your eating and sleeping patterns, your marriage, your job performance or your friendships?
  • Do you torture yourself needlessly with unproductive thoughts such as, “God doesn’t want me to file bankruptcy.” or “My parents (whether they are still living or not) would kill me if I considered bankruptcy?”
  • Do you have reason to believe that your wages may be garnished or your bank account may be levied by debt collectors? Worse, has this already happened?
  • Have you become frustrated with trying to get a mortgage loan modification and not getting any answers? Does the lender keep asking for more information? Are clerks failing to take responsibility for your application — and you are getting nowhere?

Any one of these is a good indicator that you may be making the path to debt relief much more difficult than it needs to be. Two or more should make your next step crystal clear. Discuss your own bankruptcy warning signs with a compassionate and skillful lawyer at no cost.

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