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Stop Creditors’ Legal Actions Against You

It is one of the worst feelings: being served with papers saying that you are being taken to court over a debt. It happens to thousands of people every year in Memphis and throughout Tennessee.

I am bankruptcy attorney Ben Sissman of Memphis. After more than 30 years in legal practice, I have helped thousands of people avoid court judgments through the bankruptcy process.

The Power Of Filing Bankruptcy Is The Freedom It Gives You Over Creditors

If you are afraid of a pending lawsuit over a bad debt that you were responsible for, remember the power of filing bankruptcy. An automatic stay can prevent any collection efforts for any debt that you include in your bankruptcy. This is all the more reason to keep your mind open to the possibility of bankruptcy as an effective defense — a debt relief method with the power to stop lawsuits before they happen.

Stop Judgments And Lawsuits Against You With A Timely Response To Summonses

No matter what the circumstances are, being sued is always a sign that you need to talk to a lawyer at your earliest opportunity. You may have been blindsided with a civil warrant that does not reveal who the creditor in question is. You may face threats of wage garnishment or bank account levies. An experienced attorney is your most important ally at a time like this.

Your chances of a good outcome are much greater if you consult with a lawyer before the lawsuit is filed with a court. You may have a valid defense that can stop the lawsuit before it happens — and before a judgment is ordered against you.

Already Have A Judgment Against You? I Can Still Find Ways To Help.

On the other hand, if a judgment is already in place, an experienced attorney can help you evaluate your financial big picture. A no-obligation consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer can help you make plans on how best to protect yourself and your assets in the face of a lawsuit or threatened lawsuit.

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