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Can’t Afford Medical Bills? There’s A Bankruptcy For That.

Medical bills piled up. Perhaps they didn’t have insurance. Perhaps insurance was simply insufficient. They may have lost paychecks because they couldn’t work, forcing them to turn to credit cards to cover the costs of living. These are not deadbeats. These are people like you, people who I am proud to help. I am Memphis medical debt lawyer Ben Sissman.

No Guilt Or Shame — Just Compassionate Hard Work On Your Behalf

I understand just how fast medical bills can pile up. I also am aware that when you are recovering from an illness or injury, dealing with those bills is not your first priority. As a compassionate attorney, I believe that you need to focus on regaining your health. I can help you deal with these bills.

The idea that people who seek debt relief through bankruptcy are deadbeats is not only incorrect, it’s insulting. Many people who have found themselves overwhelmed by debt were once in good financial standing until they were struck with an illness or injury.

Thankfully, medical and hospital bills are a type of unsecured debt easily eliminated by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As you focus on building a healthy future, I will make certain that it is also a future that is debt-free. With complete confidence, I can tell you, “You are going to be OK.”

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