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Debt Payment Plan Attorney In Memphis

Like any business, utilities have the right to be paid — and expect to be paid. If you fail to pay, you can have your utilities shut off. If you promise to catch up on payments, they can be turned on again. But if you fall behind again, they may be shut off for good.

I want to be the lawyer who helps you deal with your utility bills and your debt load in general, and who leads your Tennessee family back on the road to financial freedom.

I’m Ben Sissman, a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience helping clients deal with debt problems and bankruptcy.

Find out more about the “automatic stay” in consumer bankruptcy that stops foreclosure, auto repossessionwage garnishment and creditor harassment. If you are deep in debt and in danger of having your utilities shut off, call me today at 901-730-4958 toll free or contact my office online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Remember, when you need help, it never hurts to call. Because I have such confidence in my ability to help you, I say this to every client: “You are going to be okay.”

Honest Answers To The Question: ‘What If I Can’t Pay My Utilities?’

A bankruptcy court will not discharge the debt you owe to a utility company. Instead, filing for bankruptcy will create an “automatic stay,” so that the utility company will be unable to disconnect your utilities. If your utilities have already been disconnected, we can ask the court to have them reconnected, but you will have to pay the fee for doing so.

Working with the utility company, we can create a payment plan. Under this plan, you will pay your current utility bills each month along with a portion of your overdue debt until you are completely caught up. Unfortunately, if you ever start to miss payments again, the utility company may shut off service to your home for good. In these cases, there may be nothing a lawyer can do to help.

Some clients have a debt problem, some have a bankruptcy problem and some have an income problem. If you don’t have enough income to pay your utility bills, the truth is you might have to think about making some changes to your daily life. Maybe you just need to weatherize your house — or maybe your house is too big to heat. I will help you evaluate your options to find the best way to move forward.

If you have fallen behind on utility bills, you can schedule a free initial consultation today to talk about your options. Call toll free at 901-730-4958 or contact my office online. I usually answer my own phone, and I look forward to talking with you.

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