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Memphis Attorney Assisting Landlords With Collections And Evictions

Are you a Memphis landlord with a tenant who has failed to pay his or her rent in a timely manner? You have legal rights in this situation, and quite often, you will need an experienced attorney to help you assert those rights.

I’m Ben Sissman. I have successfully handled debt and credit issues for landlords for more than 30 years. To learn about your options, you can call and schedule a free initial consultation with me.

What should you do if your tenants fail to pay rent or comply with the terms of their lease? Ideally, you would be able to force them to pay or comply with terms of your agreement. But in many cases, this is impossible — and eviction becomes a necessary last resort. My experience as a lawyer who gets results in these disputes can put this legal crisis behind you, effectively and efficiently.

Landlords Can Evict Nonpaying Tenants

It is often difficult, but not impossible, to undertake collections actions against tenants who refuse to pay their rent. When collection efforts fail — either because the tenant files for bankruptcy or because the tenant simply has no money — then your only option is to evict the client for unpaid rent.

Tennessee laws are relatively favorable to landlords. If you follow the rules, you probably won’t have a problem issuing an order for eviction. If the tenant refuses to comply with the order, you can have the police come and forcibly evict the tenant if necessary. This form of removal is relatively rare.

Talk To An Attorney About Your Rights As A Landlord

Contact me in Memphis for the sound legal advice you need. To learn more about the collection and eviction related to unpaid rent, call my office today, toll free: 901-730-4958. I usually answer my own phone and respond promptly to email messages.